Horizons Pre-Orientation Program 2015

Date: August 23rd, 2016
Registration: 9:30am
Start Time: 10:00am
Location: Shalala Student Center

2016 Horizons Counselor Application.pd

Horizons is an orientation program designed to assist new multicultural students in their transition to the University of Miami. This program compliments the University's new student orientation program by presenting students with a preview of campus life. Horizons introduces new freshmen to our diverse community and provides them with an opportunity to meet and interact with new and returning students. Participants will also meet faculty and administrators who will discuss some of the academic, personal and social adjustment issues that you may experience. All students are expected to attend the University wide orientation program which takes place on Tuesday, August 18th, 2015. For additional information on New Student Orientation visit

2015 Schedule of Events
Registration:  Horizons staff will be stationed throughout the Shalala Student Center to greet you and direct you to registration as start your journey as a Hurricane. 

Horizons Brunch: You will start your day by connecting with university administrators including faculty, staff, upperclassmen and students just like you!

Welcome Remarks:  A special welcome from Renée Dickens Callan, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs and Dr. William Green, Senior Vice President and Dean of the Undergraduate Education. 

Words of Wisdom for Academic Success:  Dr. Kysha Harriell, Assistant Clinical Professor and Program Director for the Athletic Training Program will serve as our faculty speaker during the brunch.  Dr. Harriell is also a faculty master and lives in Stanford Residential College which is one of the freshmen residence halls.  Living on campus has provided Dr. Harriell with lots of opportunities to interact and mentor new students.  She will provide insightful comments on navigating the university, strategies for academic success and connecting with faculty members, lessons learned from her educational journey, and words of wisdom that will be helpful during your college experience.

Dr. Harriell worked as an Assistant Athletic Trainer from 1997-2005 with the University of Miami’s football, basketball, track & field, and soccer teams. Her research is focused on proprioception, women’s health, and health care issues and conditions that affect the health of ethnically diverse individuals.  She is known throughout campus and her words of wisdom are something you do not want to miss out on!  

Horizons Counselors Introduction:  Time to meet the 2015 Horizons Counselors!  Our team of upperclassmen Horizons Counselors will introduce themselves, share their academic goals, interests, and co-curricular activities they are involved with on campus.

4 Square With the U:  This activity will give you an opportunity to meet new students, learn some interesting facts about your new peers and connect with other new students at the U!

Building Connections with U: You will have an opportunity to meet new people, make connections to your peers, discuss issues relevant to new students, share helpful advice on navigating UM, and learn what is means to be a ‘Cane.  

College Life at the U:  Helpful advice from our Horizons Counselors on how to successfully navigate your collegiate experience.  Everything from academics, time management, alcohol & other drugs, financial management, roommate conflicts, social life, managing your reputation/image, social media, and being a multicultural student on our campus will be discussed.


Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) presentation:  By this time in the program, you will be having such a great time you will want to know more about the office that brought you Horizons.  MSA staff will tell you about MSA’s programs and services, how you can get involved with departmental initiatives and stay connected after Horizons. 

Strategies for Success:  Interested in getting involved with campus life?  Want to know what it is really like to be involved at the University of Miami?   Seasoned leaders will share information on being active in campus life, student organizations, volunteer opportunities, and taking advantage of living in the South Florida community.  Tips on balancing your involvement, attending university sponsored programs such as guest lectures, movies, concerts, athletics games, Greek life, intramural sports, and many more special events will also be discussed.

Building Connections with U: You will have an opportunity to meet new people, make connections to your peers, discuss issues relevant to new students, share helpful advice on navigating UM, and learn what is means to be a ‘Cane. 

So You Think You Can Dance:   Horizons is filled with a number of traditions that will make your experience amazing and So You Think You Can Dance is no different.  This part of the program you will learn exciting dances from around the world and their historical context.  Dancing skills are not required!   

Closing Remarks:  Although this is the part of the program everyone hates, we have to give you a reason to connect with your MSA family after Horizons is over. We will share a few final thoughts and possibly give out some giveaways to end the day!  We will even take a group picture so you can remember your great experience at Horizons! 


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