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The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs provides small co-sponsorship funds to University of Miami registered student organizations which coordinate programs which celebrate diversity and create opportunities for students to have meaningful dialogue on issues related to multiculturalism. Funds are limited and are distributed at the discretion of the Multicultural Student Affairs staff.

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Programs must meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

  • Program must contain some academic component and educate participants on issues related to diversity
  • Co-sponsorship money request cannot exceed 25% of what the TOTAL event will cost
  • Requesting organizations must have submitted a SAFAC budget
  • Collaboration with at least ONE student organization AND the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (organizations collaborating must share in the planning and execution of event)
  • Event must be open to the entire university community
  • Each organization is only allowed to submit one sponsorship request per semester
  • Form must be submitted at least 10 business days PRIOR to event
  • Please note: MSA will not sponsor food, DJ's, prizes, or support fundraising efforts
*****Funds will NOT be released to student organization’s SAFAC account until publicity has been submitted to our department.

             NO sponsorship forms will be accepted for programs that have already taken place.

Proposals must include the following:

  • Program Description
    Proposal should be no longer than one page. Please include program title, a brief description of the event, objectives your organization would like to accomplish with the program, and indicate how your program will enhance multicultural education at the University of Miami. Proposed date(s), time and location of event, along with sponsoring organizations’ name and contact information, must also be included.
  • Budget
    Include detailed information on expenses and income. Please indicate how MSA Co-sponsorship funds will be used.
*The MSA logo must be included on all publicity for approved events. Organizations will be notified in writing if their program proposal was accepted. After your event has taken place, the sponsoring organization is responsible for submitting an Event Review. The review is to include the following information: Event Review
Submit a brief summary of event (no longer than one page). Indicate how the program met its multicultural objective identified in your program proposal. Include number of participants and final budget.

Email proposals to:

Renee Dickens Callan
Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA)
Building 21-P
5604 Merrick Drive, Student Services Building 21-P
Coral Gables Fl, 33146
Ph: (305) 284- 2855 Fax: (305) 284-3783
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