Cultural Competency Series

The University of Miami is one of the most diverse institutions in the United States.  With students from over 114 different countries and every state, there are endless opportunities both in and out of the classroom to engage in meaningful dialogue on issues related to diversity and living in a global society.

Throughout the year the Cultural Competency Committee, the Unity Roundtable and several campus partners will coordinate programs, special events, guest lectures, workshops, and forums that provide students an opportunity to examine racial realities and their own biases, develop leadership skills and multicultural competencies, explore practices that raise racial consciousness and minimize racists norms and assumptions, and create welcoming and inclusive environments.

The Cultural Competency Series seeks to provide opportunities for students to:

  • Interact with others of different backgrounds and engage in meaningful and/or challenging dialogues
  • Develop skills and proficiencies in order to lead in an increasingly global environment
  • Examine the role racism, culture, social justice, bias, and privilege pay in our daily lives
  • Develop critical thinking and self-exploration skills
  • Develop an awareness of social responsibility and the importance of creating an inclusive and culturally responsive environment
  • Learn by participating in interactive programs and workshops

Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine bias, stereotypes and prejudice in addition to its impact on individuals and groups
  • Cultivate an inclusive campus community that values and respects diversity and cultural identity
  • Recognize the changing aspects of power and privilege between groups

Cultural Competency Committee:  Butler Center for Service and Leadership, Dean of Students Office, Greek Life, Housing and Residential Life, Multicultural Student Affairs, and Student Activities and Student Organizations 

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