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Dear New University of Miami Student:

Welcome to the University of Miami!

Important information about the University's immunization and insurance requirements is available on our new student web page. Please carefully review this material and if you have not already done so please submit all required information prior to the stated deadlines.

Domestic students who chose to do so, can waive the insurance via the United HealthCare (UHCSR) waiver portal. You or your designee will need your student ID (C#), date of birth and insurance information in order to submit a waiver request. You will receive a waiver approval or denial (if we are unable to confirm insurance coverage) from waiverstatus@uhcsr.com within 5 business days.

The $2813.00  insurance charge will be removed from your account before the first tuition bill is generated at the end of July, if your waive request has been approved. Please remember that waivers must be renewed each fall semester. No waivers will be accepted after the July 25th deadline.

Health insurance waiver requests must be submitted by July 25th and immunization records must be received no later than August 22nd in order to avoid a $50 late fee and registration hold. Receipt and processing of immunization information can be verified at mystudenthealth.miami.edu.
Additional information about the Student Health Service is available at www.miami.edu/student-health.

Thank you for your attention to these important health-related issues, and best wishes for a healthy and successful school year.

University of Miami Student Health Service
General Information: www.miami.edu/student-health
Immunization Compliance: http://mystudenthealth.miami.edu/
Email: studenthealth@miami.edu
Phone: 305-284-5921