February 2017

Spring Break Reminders


Residential Facilities

Housing facilities will run as normal during Spring Break, but please refer to information included in this newsletter for more information regarding on-campus dining and parking.

Although the 2017-2018 on-campus housing application has closed for those students who wished to participate in room sign-up, students who currently live off-campus, are studying abroad, or did not apply for housing earlier in the semester can still apply for on-campus housing via CaneLink. As a reminder, any housing cancellations at this point, whether a room has been selected or not, are subject to a $500 penalty, and after May 31 students who cancel are responsible for the full fall housing charge. Please visit miami.edu/housing/signup for more information.

The application for summer housing will go live in early April via CaneLink. Your student should keep an eye on their email, as well as their mailboxes for more information regarding summer school and University Village housing. If your student is going to be interning in or around Miami this summer – please have them get in touch with Housing at housing@miami.edu, as we may be able to assist them in finding housing on campus for the duration of their internship.


The UM Hurry ‘Canes Shuttle service will run a limited service during Spring Break, running 7:00am-7:00pm with approximately 20-25 minutes between shuttles (instead of the normal 7-8 minutes).
In terms of parking, color zone restrictions will be lifted for the week of Spring Break (Monday March 13th through to Friday March 17th, 2017) with the following exceptions:

  • Purple and Blue lots will continue to be enforced as usual:
    Purple – 8am to 6pm, M-F
    Blue – Enforced 24/7/365
  • Reserved / Preferred / Service spots will be enforced as normal 24/7/365
  • All metered spaces will be enforced as normal (8am through to Midnight, 7 days a week)

A valid UM parking permit is still required to park on campus. UV permit holders remain restricted to parking in the UV lots only. During this time, the shuttle service will operate a limited schedule. Please click here for the current schedule.

Safety Tips for Spring Break

The Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Education & PIER 21 encourages you to speak with your students about way to have a Safe Spring Break this year. Whatever their plans are, make sure they include these tips:

  • DO set a limit for yourself before going out and having drinks.  You should know, according to your body type and tolerance, how much alcohol you can safely have.
  • DON’T go out with people who make you feel uncomfortable about not drinking. The people worth hanging out with are the ones who will respect you and your choices.
  • DON’T guzzle, play drinking games, or use devices to consume more quickly (funnels, shot slides, tubes, double shot glasses, etc.). Your body can only safely process .5 oz of alcohol (about half the amount in an average drink) an hour. So, have one drink/hour and alternate with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • DO take a break from drinking. Show yourself and your friends that you don’t need alcohol to go out and have a good time. If you can’t do that, then that is an indication that you may have a problem with alcohol.
  • DO eat before and during drinking alcohol  - it will slow down the absorption rate of the alcohol into your bloodstream. However, eating after you drink will not change anything - once alcohol is in your bloodstream, nothing can speed the rate of absorption.
  • DO talk to your friends before going out to discuss what to do if: (1) someone is drinking too much, (2) someone gets drunk and starts hooking up with someone they probably wouldn’t want to, (3) someone wants to leave but the others want to stay out. Prepare yourself and your friends to take care of each other and to support each other in making responsible choices.
  • DON’T leave your drinks unattended, let someone else get your drink for you, or drink from a punch bowl - predatory drugs are out there!! They are colorless, odorless, and will leave you completely vulnerable to be taken advantage of.  You are not always in a “safe place” with “safe people”—Get your own drink, watch it being made, and keep it with you where you can see it at all times.
  • DO get involved when you see someone else putting him/herself in danger. Alcohol poisoning, accidents, sexual assaults, drug overdoses, and drunk driving deaths are all real!  Better to have someone ask you why you tried to keep them from having a good time, then to have his/her parents ask you why you let them leave the party drunk. Care enough to get involved and do the right thing.  Wouldn’t you want someone to do that for you?

We also encourage all students to attend PIER 21’s Safe Spring Break Week 2017: “Beach, Please!” on Monday, 02.20 through Friday, 02.24. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events, all designed by PIER21 to get important information out prior to Spring Break on topics such as personal safety, travel safety, alcohol, impaired driving, sleep and sun safety. This gives PIER21 the opportunity to showcase healthy activities free from harmful behaviors and to combat recklessness during the collegiate spring break activities. Plus there will be great giveaways for a spring break trip and free food all week!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Education / PIER21 don’t hesitate to contact us at pier21@miami.edu or 305-284-6120.

Black Awareness Month (BAM)

At the University of Miami, Black Awareness Month (BAM) is celebrated, with events coordinated by United Black Students (UBS) with the support of Multicultural Student Affairs to celebrate the achievements and contributions of people of the African Diaspora. Here are events that are underway and things we are looking forward to this month.

Office Spotlight: RAD UM

Student Government

RAD-UM is a research unit housed at University of Miami, School of Architecture (UMSoA). RAD-UM provides resources and expertise for project-based research on the spatial ramifications of embedded technology and ubiquitous computing.  The research is premised on the notion that every building or landscape component can be equipped with computational power. Projects at RAD-UM develop models for such digitally-enhanced environments, to better handle persistent and emerging challenges in the areas of healthcare, building technology and sustainability. 

Computing is migrating from dedicated static appliances to mobile devices, objects of everyday life, and physical environments, thanks to increasingly proliferating microchips and ever-expanding information networks. The spatial nature of ubiquitous computing directly implicates and empowers architecture, landscape and urban design.  RAD-UM capitalizes on this potential, bringing research to bear on the built environment from a variety of fields that exploit the spatial consequences of distributed computing: responsive and interactive systems, augmented reality, embedded/situated technology, ambient intelligence, and mobile computing locative media.


Student Government

Currently, RAD-UM has a number of ongoing wide-ranging projects from sustainable building facades, interactive lighting, ubiquitous sensing, and designing a smart city in Yucatan, Mexico.  For a more information, please visit www.rad-um.com or contact us at radumsoa@gmail.com

Defamation: The Play

On Thursday, January 26 during Social Justice Week on campus, the office of Multicultural Student Affairs and , the Butler Center for Service and Leadership hosted Defamation: The Play. Boasting an audience of over 150 attendees, the play explored the highly charged issues of race, religion, gender, class, and the law with a twist: the audience was the jury. Through deliberations and post-show discussions, the audience engaged in civil discourse that challenged pre-conceived notions. Learn more about the Defamation Experience here.

News at UM

Illuminating ‘Moonlight’: https://news.miami.edu/stories/2017/01/illuminating-moonlight.html


UM student, entrepreneur finds sweet success in doughnut business: http://www.themiamihurricane.com/2017/02/01/wynwood-shop-the-salty-donut-becomes-hit-with-local-foodies/


UM Announces Support for DACA Students and Employees: http://everitas.univmiami.net/2017/01/27/um-announces-support-for-daca-students-and-employees/


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